Fascinated by how complex systems like economies, supply chains, and biological networks function? Want to understand how to model and optimize these systems using the power of simulation, graph theory, and maybe even AI?

Today’s Tech Short features Justin, the founder of Simudyne, a company using a novel graph computational approach to create massive agent-based simulations of entire economies, supply chains, and more.

See what they’re doing with models of millions of agents running at extremely high speeds in the cloud. Learn how their techniques can be applied to challenges as diverse as modeling tumor growth, detecting insider trading, or reducing carbon footprints.

The founder explains how they are transforming traditional spatial simulations into a powerful graph representation of the real world. Find out how connecting these simulated environments to reinforcement learning systems like Amazon Bedrock enables lightning-fast experimentation and policy optimization. If you are eager to push the boundaries of complex systems modeling and AI, you won’t want to miss this show.

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