Are you a bioinformatician looking for an easier way to build and access Docker containers? Check out this video to learn about Seqera Containers, a new community service that takes the friction out of using containers in your workflows.

Seqera Containers allows you to almost instantly build custom Docker and Singularity containers on-demand from Bioconda, PyPI, and Conda packages. It handles caching and long-term storage so you can reliably reproduce your work.

Whether you use Nextflow, run on HPC or cloud infrastructure, or want to enable ARM64 support, this has you covered. Eliminate container build headaches and focus on your science - learn how Seqera Containers can simplify your life in this demo from Phil Ewels.

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Chapters 00:00 - What this means for bioinformatics 01:50 - Why a new approach was needed 03:35 - Demo 05:04 - What’s different - on-demand 07:12 - Very mulled containers 08:12 - Long term availability 09:37 - Available to … everyone! 10:45 - Singularity, too 11:07 - Arm64 support 13:15 - Special features for Nextflow users 14:39 - Sharing pipelines without platform friction 15:20 - Wave CLI 17:18 - Spack coming soon