This is a talk that was delivered at the AWS/Arm Cloud Hackathon in July 2021.

Tom Deakin is a computer scientist at the University of Bristol, and speaks to us about how to build for portability, and what that really means in an era of so many hardware technology choices.

The Summer Hackathon ran for a week from July 12-16 in 2021. It’s purpose was to assemble the HPC community around a common goal of beginning the porting/testing/tuning process for dozens of codes to use Arm-based processors, in this case, AWS’s Graviton2’s.

During the week we had a series of talks from global leaders and experts in various fields from compilers to networking, profiling debugging and tooling. We’ve published all the talks here in the HPC Tech Shorts channel, in the hope that everyone gets some value from them.

If you want to join in our collective effort to boost the performance of HPC workloads on Arm, DM us at Twitter (@TechHpc) or head to and join the community.