Compute queues are where all the action is on an HPC cluster. In the cloud, you get the chance to customize the queues to match the code you’re going to run on them - which is actually pretty fancy when you think about it.

Matt Vaughn stopped by to show us how to do all that in a few clicks. ParallelCluster is quite powerful and VERY configurable. Thankfully, it’s UI makes this all a good deal simpler than it sounds.

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00:28 - Why queues are still relevant in the cloud 01:36 - Memory aware scheduling 02:20 - Scale down time 03:15 - Queue update strategy 04:40 - Adding a queue 07:00 - Compute resources 09:07 - Static and dynamic nodes 10:10 - EFA and placement groups 11:20 - Multi-threading (SMT or hyperthreading) 11:55 - Advance options per CR 14:00 - Outro