Swaine Chen had a problem: his new group at the Genomics Institute of Singapore needed common tooling involving zillions of utilities, scripts carrying algorithms and techniques, so they could migrate their workloads from their on-premises infrastructure and over to the cloud.

His solution was to build a golden AMI. So much better is that he automated the production of the AMI, and documented it in GitHub, for the world to see, and for the world to use.

Today’s discussion shows just a glimpse of what his team has built, and you can get all the goodness in the hands-on training workshops he’s offering (for free) to anyone in the world who wants to sign up.

If you want to know more about the workshops, or sign up, go here: https://hpc.news/giswsregister

If you want to plunder all this goodness and use it for the forces of good (not evil!), you can see the workshops, grab the AMI and get busy by going here: https://hpc.news/gisworkshop

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