We get it: AWS has too much stuff going on for any reasonably busy human to catch up with. So we’re going back to the foundations of AWS to help the HPC community come up to speed on the stuff that matters to them most.

Today we’re starting a whole new series in Tech Shorts called Tech Shorts Foundations. We’ll still have shows about advanced topics, new features and performance analysis. But there’s now two tracks in Tech Shorts, which will develop over time.

We’ll start high level and gradually peel back the layers so you can get as deep as you like in the areas you’re interested in the most.

Think of this as your map to navigate AWS and get to the HPC places quickly, without having to get lost on the way there. Your journey starts here.

If you have ideas for technical topics you’d like to see us cover in a future show, let us know by finding us on Twitter (@TechHpc) and DM’ing us with your idea.