We know that HPC isn’t the only part of research that computers support. And often most of those ‘other bits’ - before or after the HPC cluster has its go at your data - are even more important. But they’ve often not been given enough attention, and cloud options have looked hard for something that should be a lot easier.

If that’s you we’re talking about, then Lightsail for Research was built for you. It’s a very simple portal for standing up machines with pre-installed apps that you can use to build up your own suite of tools. It has facilities for creating machines, or expanding the ones you have.

And best of all: it has a cost-control monitor built in, to make sure you don’t leave something on that’s doing nothing (except costing you money).

Scott Friedman is a recovering researcher and helped the Lightsail team design this new service. We hope you love it.

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