NF Core is an open source repository of Nextflow workflows that can be downloaded, shared, forked, updated, tested and validated. If you’ve ever heard that quote from Isaac Newtown about seeing further by standing on the shoulders of giants: well this is the ladder modern day scientists are using to climb up those very big shoulders. Phil Ewels from the SciLife lab at Stockholm University walks us through some of the history of NF Core and gives us a demo of how easy it is to use, and the cool tools he and his project team have built around to just make it … a no brainer. Every domain of science should be looking at how this works, because every field of science performs a workflow on data - and those workflows are getting increasingly complicated. If you have ideas for technical topics you’d like to see us cover in a future show, let us know by finding us on Twitter (@TechHpc) and DM’ing us with your idea.