Building scientific or engineering code stacks from source used to suck in the time before Spack. Todd, Greg and the community built an amazing resource that houses all the build recipes and knows all the dependencies SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO :-)

Now we’ve added our Spack integration to ParallelCluster and set it up to make great use of Spack’s binary cache which means that once something is built you don’t need to build it again.

Think GROMACS in one second. OpenFOAM in 16 seconds. Yes, really.

Matt dropped by to explain how this works.

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00:00 - Intro 00:30 - Zero to WRF in 20 mins 00:55 - ParallelCluster 01:58 - Custom actions 02:35 - App installation speedups 03:05 - Add this to your cluster 04:00 - Installing Palace (a hard example) 05:20 - How fast is this? 06:55 - Outro