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Leveraging Slurm Accounting in AWS ParallelCluster

Slurm accounting adds flexibility, transparency, and control to operating an #HPC cluster. #AWS #ParallelCluster 3.3.0 can now automatically configure #Slurm accounting whether you are using your own database or Amazon #Aurora. Read the …

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DCV update at SC'22

DCV started as a technology to make supercomputers feel local so you didn’t need to be in a cold data center when you were visualizing massive datasets. But now it’s so much more, because it’s spread into every nook and …

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DCV in 2022: a year in review

In this post we recap all the really significant feature released in DCV from 2022 that delighted our customers. Of course, we’re still not done, so expect more in 2023. Read the Post on the AWS Blog Channel

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